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War Poetry
Table of Contents VI: poetry posts 2501-2591 
24th-Feb-2017 11:00 pm - [sticky post]

Table of Contents I: poetry posts 1-500

Table of Contents II: poetry posts 501-1000

Table of Contents III: poetry posts 1001-1500

Table of Contents IV: poetry posts 1501-2000

Table of Contents V: poetry posts 2001-2500

6 DECEMBER 2016:

2501. Edward Thomas, 'A Private' *

2502. Chris, 'A Soldier's Winter'

2503. Robert Kiely, 'Afghan Skies'

2504. T.A. Girling, 'An Idyll of the War' *

2505. Michael Brett, 'Tonight’s Target is the Face of Scrooge'

2506. John F. Kendrick, 'Christians At War' *

2507. W.H. Auden, 'Refugee Blues'

2508. Phuoc-Tan Diep, 'Lights Out'

2509. Winifred Mary Letts, 'The Deserter' *

2510. Siegfried Sassoon, 'The Hero' *

2511. Statler Brothers, 'More Than A Name On The Wall'

2512. Osip Mandelstam, ''This night is irredeemable.’ *

2513. Laurence Binyon, 'Men of Verdun' *

2514. Benjamin Peret, 'Little Song of the Maimed' *

2515. Phillip Fried, 'Ballad'

2516. Edgar Albert Guest, 'When The Drums Shall Cease To Beat' *

2517. The Stunners, 'Santa Bring My Soldier Home'

2518. DL, 'On Returning Home'

2519. M. Winifred Wedgwood, 'Christmas 1916: Thoughts In A V.A.D. Hospital Kitchen' *

2520. James M. Schmidt, 'Merry Christmas, My Friend'

2521. Leslie George Rub, 'Christmas Day on the Somme' *

2522. Unknown, 'Christmas Day in the Cookhouse' *

2523. Bennie Benjamin, 'When The Lights Go On Again'

2524. Felicity Currie, 'Unto US this child is born'

2525. Cheryl Daytec, 'Cry of the Innocent'

2526. Jessie Pope, 'A Royal Cracksman' *

2527. F.C. Hennequin and Cuthbert Clarke, 'Pincher D.C.M.' *

2528. Karel Capek, 'Verses from 1936'

2529. Ivor Gurney, 'Crucifix Corner' *


2530. The Wolfe Tones, 'Sean South of Garryowen'

2531. Tertius van Dyke, 'Oxford Revisited In War-Time' *

2532. Andreas Morgner, 'Mambo Point, Sierra Leone'

2533. A.S. Byatt, 'Trench Names' *

2534. Laurence Binyon, 'Guns At The Front' *

2535. Farrah Sarafa, 'Untitled'

2536. Francis Ledwidge, 'The Dead Kings' *

2537. Steve Carlsen, 'We Slept With Our Boots On'

2538. Wilhelm Klemm, 'Clearing Station' *

2539. Ann-Marie Spittle, 'Night Raids'

2540. Edward Porter, 'A Soldier’s Demon'

2541. F.S. Flint, 'Soldiers' *

2542. Richard Y. Ball, 'O tempora, O mores!' *

2543. Richard Ledford, 'Silence Condones McEmpire'

2544. Edward Thomas, 'Rain' *

2545. Laura Schultz, 'Quagmires of the Past'

2546. Edward Godfree, 'Sunsets' *

2547. Rob Densmore, 'A Taste of Afghanistan'

2548. Ivor Gurney, 'Song' *

2549. Baron Wormser, 'Carthage And The Evil'

2550. Baron Wormser, 'Carthage And Airplanes'

2551. George Meredith, 'Atkins' *

2552. Randall Jarrell, 'The Learners'

2553. George Horton, 'Love' *

2554. T.A. Girling, 'The Bond' *

2555. Rise Against, 'Grammatizator'

2556. Lolita Stewart-White, 'If Only'

2557. Jessie Pope, 'An Over-Lord' *

2558. Robert Service, 'A Song of Winter Weather' *

2559. W.A. Peach, 'Over Again'

2560. Randall Jarrell, 'Protocols'

2561. Roger Waters, 'The Fletcher Memorial Home'

2562. The Wolfe Tones, 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'

2563. Thomas Kinsella, 'Butcher's Dozen'

2564. U2, 'Bloody Sunday'


2565. Phil Gernhard and Rick Holler, 'The Return of the Red Baron' *

2566. Edward Godfree, 'Insouciance' *

2567. Rudyard Kipling, 'The Dove of Dacca'

2568. Frances Green, 'Last Hope' *

2569. Cody McEwan, 'Shepherd'

2570. Henry M. Bechtold, 'Children in the Darkness'

2571. Charlotte Holmes Crawford, 'Vive la France!' *

2572. Grace Ellery Channing, 'Qui Vivo?' *

2573. Elisha Porat, 'Salamanders on the North Border Road'

2574. Timothy Brewis, 'T1'

2575. Henry van Dyke, 'Mare Liberum' *

2576. Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, 'In the Ambulance' *

2577. Mark T. Jones, 'The Camp - Sierra Leone 2000'

2578. Richard Y. Ball, 'Foreboding' *

2579. Abi Townsend, 'Fiancé in Afghanistan'

2580. Michael Brett, 'The Surgeon Explosive'

2581. Traditional, 'Hush, Here Comes a Whizzbang' *

2582. David Roberts, 'We Bomb In Peace'

2583. Ivor Gurney, 'Pain' *

2584. Tojo Suyemoto Kawakami, 'Barracks Home'

2585. Lawson Fusao Inada, 'Concentration Constellation'

2586. Siegfried Sassoon, 'To Any Dead Officer' *

2587. Neil Young, 'War Of Man'

2588. A.E. Housman, 'A Shropshire Lad' *

2589. Ben McClendon, 'In Case Of Unrest'

2590. Chris D. Morton, 'Every Dead Soldier'

2591. Arthur Conan Doyle, 'The Bugles of Canada' *


Joe MacDonald, 'I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag'

Herbert Jones, 'To France' *

Jagannathan Viswanathan, 'War and Silence'

MARCH 2017:

Leon Gellert, 'The Old And The New' *

R. P. Weston and Bert Lee, 'Goodbye-eee' *

The Wolfe Tones, 'Admiral William Brown'

Siegfried Sassoon, 'The Rear-Guard' *

Oswald LeWinter, 'Breakfast in Hell'

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, 'Breakfast' *

Ed Poynter, 'Memories of War'

Willoughby Weaving, 'Progress' *

John Lehmann, 'This Excellent Machine'

Sara Teasdale, 'Spring In War Time' *

Tatiana Retivov, 'Entreated by Athena'

John Bailey, 'The National Game' *

James Love, 'The British Empire'

Richard Ball, 'In a Flanders' Garden' *

Simon Icke, 'War Has No Winners'

Florence Kiper Frank, 'The Jewish Conscript' *

Emmanuel Saul, 'For My Children' *

Siegfried Sassoon, 'Blighters' *

Francis Ledwidge, 'Before The War of Cooley'

Francis Ledwidge, 'The Death Of Aillill'

Traditional, 'Garry Owen'

Traditional, '7th Cavalry Regimental March'

Julian Grenfell, 'Into Battle' *

Elisha Porat, 'Stone Snowy Mounds'

Farrah Sarafa, 'Olive'

Alan Barker, 'Forgiveness' *

James Love, 'Jihad'

Tony McNally, 'It's Not About Oil?'

Joseph Lee, 'The Half-hour's Furlough' *

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, 'The Return' *

Bill Mitton, 'Young Sons'

David Roberts, 'Home Come Your Sons'

H. P. Lovecraft, 'Pacifist War Song' *

Rise Against, 'Re-Education (Through Labor)'

Leon Gellert, 'The Retirement of Mars' *

APRIL 2017:

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