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Table of Contents VIII: poetry posts 3501- 3772

Table of Contents I: poetry posts 1-500

Table of Contents II: poetry posts 501-1000

Table of Contents III: poetry posts 1001-1500

Table of Contents IV: poetry posts 1501-2000

Table of Contents V: poetry posts 2001-2500

Table of Contents VI: poetry posts 2501-3000

Table of Contents VII: poetry posts 3001-3500

6 MAY 2019:

3501. Claude McKay, 'If We Must Die'

3502. Rob Walker, 'The Party'

3503. Banjo Paterson, 'Cape Mounted Rifles'

3504. Robert Service, 'No More Music'

3505. Ruth Comfort Mitchell, 'He Went For A Soldier'

3506. William Wordsworth, 'The French and the Spanish Guerrillas'

3507. May Herschel-Clarke, 'In Mother'

3508. David Rovics, 'Send Them Back'

3509. Wilfrid Gibson, 'A Lament'

3510. Farrah Sarafa, 'Father Iraq, Mother Palestine'

3511. Leon Adams, 'Threnody of the Nations'

3512. Michael Pruchnicki, 'Innocents of War'

3513. Douglas Dunn, 'After The War'

3514. Edwin Muir, 'Reading in Wartime'

3515. Heather Dale, 'The Carter's War Song'

3516. Siegfried Sassoon, 'France'

3517. George Jones, '50,000 Names Carved In The Wall'

3518. Carol Ann Duffy, 'Last Post'

3519. John Ondrasik, 'Note To An Unknown Soldier'

3520. Brian Cowan, 'The Wall'

3521. Archibald MacLeish, 'The Young Dead Soldiers Do Not Speak'

3522. Elisha Porat, 'The Young Students'

3523. Cloy Richards, 'Six Marines In The Picture'

3524. John Mitchell, 'Reply To "In Flanders Fields"'

3525. Saxon, 'Kingdom of the Cross'

3526. Francis Duggan, 'He Is His Father's Son'

3527. Laurence Binyon, 'The Dead To The Living'

JUNE 2019:

3528. Fred Voss, 'A Country In Our Hearts'

3529. Tom Sleigh, 'Not-Her'

3530. Boris Slutsky, 'My Comrades'

3531. Leslie Fish, 'Tienanmen Lessons'

3532. Kevin Marvelle, 'Marvin's Tale'

3533. A.P. Herbert, 'This Is The Fourth Of June'

3534. Roger Waters, 'Your Possible Pasts'

3535. Roland R. Ruiz, 'D-Day: A Soldier Remembers'

3536. Robert Service, 'Les Grands Mutiles: The Sightless Man'

3537. David Roberts, 'Kill Or Cure'

3538. Robert Service, 'Les Grands Mutiles: The Legless Man'

3539. Saxon, 'Broken Heroes'

3540. Robert Service, 'Les Grands Mutiles: The Faceless Man'

3541. Tom Paxton, 'Beau John'

3542. Street Dogs, 'Shards of Life'

3543. Julia Ecklar & Anne Prather, 'Space Hero'

3544. Jaques Brel, 'Brussels'

3545. John Finley, 'The Valleys of the Blue Shrouds'

3546. James Love, 'Adrenaline'

3547. Graham John Cordwell, 'The Abandoned Soldier'

3548. Five Finger Death Punch, 'Far From Home'

3549. Edmund Kemper Broadus, 'An Aeroplane at Stonehenge'

3550. Claude McKay, 'Exhortation: Summer 1919'

3551. Siegfried Sassoon, 'The Dream'

3552. Maxwell Bodenheim, 'The Camp Follower'

3553. Marina Gipps, 'Whore'

3554. Edgell Rickword, 'War and Peace'

3555. Vera Brittain, 'The Superfluous Woman'

3556. Robert Service, 'Cocotte'

3557. Ronald Alexander, 'The Raid'

3558. Mary Borden, 'Sonnet III, from Sonnets to a Soldier'

3559. C.J. Christiansen, 'To One In Scarlet'

JULY 2019:

3560. Phil Williams, 'Reality in Afghanistan'

3561. Unknown, 'Silent Flowing Somme'

3562. The Thornlie Boys, 'Poppy Fields'

3563. Mason Douglas, 'Home Free'

3564. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 'Protest'

3565. Street Dogs, 'Back To The World'

3566. Sable, 'When He Comes Home'

3567. Robert Service, 'Tri-Colour'

3568. David Roberts, 'Tempting War'

3569. Tim Murphy, 'The Wall'

3570. Derek Walcott, 'A Far Cry From Africa'

3571. Robert Southey, 'To The Genius Of Africa'

3572. Clifford Newton, 'Stand Up'

3573. A.D. Hope, 'Inscription for a War'

3574. Benjamin Landry, 'Night Vision'

3575. Mark Lentz, 'At What A Cost'

3576. Muriel E. Graham, 'The Lark Above The Trenches'

3577. Ursula K. Le Guin, 'The Jaguar'

3578. Rudyard Kipling, 'Mowgli's Song Against People'

3579. J.R.R. Tolkien, 'Ents’ Marching Song'

3580. Evelyn Underhill, 'Non-Combatants'

3581. Ewart Mackintosh, 'War, the Liberator'

3582. Archie A. Rider, 'The Black Horse'

3583. Metalite, 'Black Horse Rider'

3584. Siegfried Sassoon, 'On Passing The New Menin Gate'

3585. Anonymous, 'I Wore A Tunic'

3586. Archie Fisher, 'The Black Horse'

3587. William Wordsworth, 'In The Pass Of Killicrankie'

3588. Richard Y. Ball, 'Metamorphoses'

3589. Carl Sandburg, 'Hoodlums'

3590. Robert Service, 'Hot Diggity Dog'

3591. Paul David Adkins, 'War Story 133'

AUGUST 2019:

3592. Ross Parker, 'There'll Always Be An England'

3593. John Hawkhead, 'Helmand'

3594. Rudyard Kipling, 'The Outlaws'

3595. C.J. Christiansen, 'The Raiders'

3596. Roger Waters, 'Goodbye Blue Sky'

3597. Vincent O'Sullivan, 'Hiroshima'

3598. Anonymous, 'World War Negative 3'

3599. Theodore Morse, 'Two Little Boys'

3600. Robert Service, 'The Twins'

3601. Vera Brittain, 'The Lament of the Demobilised'

3602. Curtis D. Bennett, 'The Seduction of War'

3603. Jared Barr, 'Mr. Whitman'

3604. David Rovics, 'Did You Strike A Blow Against The Empire'

3605. Anti-Flag, 'NBC (No Bloodthirsty Corporations)'

3606. Miroslav Holub, 'Napoleon'

3607. Richie Havens, 'Handsome Johnny'

3608. Percy Bysshe Shelley, 'The Mask of Anarchy'

3609. Henry Van Dyke, 'The Bells Of Malines'

3610. Matthew Olzmann, 'Regret'

3611. Laurence Binyon, 'Louvain'

3612. Isaac Rosenberg, 'Girl To A Soldier On Leave'

3613. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 'War Mothers'

3614. Robert W. Service, 'Julie Claire'

3615. Patricia McCarthy, 'Virginia Woolf's Angels 1919'

3616. Turlough O'Carolan, 'The Fairy Hills (Si Bheag Si Mhor)'

3617. Harold Arpthorp, 'The Road to La Bassée'

3618. Floyd Zurbrigg, 'In Canadian Fields'

3619. Woodie Guthrie, 'My Thirty Thousand'

3620. Robert Laurence Binyon, 'To Goethe'

3621. Edgar Bowers, 'Thomas'

3622. Rudyard Kipling, 'In The Neolithic Age'

3623. Alexander Robertson, 'A Dream of New College'


3624. W.H. Auden, 'September 1, 1939'

3625. Bertolt Brecht, 'On the Wall in Chalk It Is Written'

3626. Edgar Albert Guest, 'General Pershing'

3627. Michael Franti, 'Language of Violence'

3628. Adrian Mitchell, 'Back in the Playground Blues'

3629. Osip Mandelstam, ‘Your thin shoulders whips will redden’

3630. Christy Moore, 'The Yellow Triangle'

3631. Alicia Patti, 'Vineyards In The Distance'

3632. Sabaton, 'Rise of Evil'

3633. Michael Pruchnicki, 'Schoolboys In 1939'

3634. Michael Brett, '9/11 Poem from London'

3635. Leon Gellert, 'Again The Clash Is East'

3636. Osip Mandelstam, ‘Insomnia. Homer. Taut canvas.’

3637. S.J. Tucker, 'Valkyrie Daughter'

3638. Oscar Walters, 'Pozières and Passchendaele'

3639. Erica Ehrenberg, 'Bruno Sits on a Washing Machine'

3640. Ernestine Northover, 'Poppies'

3641. Matsuo Basho, 'Untitled'

3642. Siegfried Sassoon, 'Falling Asleep'

3643. Seán Clárach Mac Dómhnaill, 'My Gallant Hero'

3644. Walter de la Mare, 'How Sleep the Brave!'

3645. Clifford Dyment, 'The Son'

3646. Nicholas Lutwyche, 'Fallen'

3647. Andreas Morgner, 'Portuguese Graves, Guinea Bissau'

3648. Robert Service, 'Two Men'

3649. Robert Duncan, 'The Song of the Borderguard'

3650. John Tams, 'Scarecrow'

3651. Rudyard Kipling, 'A Pict Song'

3652. Jayne Cortez, 'There It Is'

3653. Bertolt Brecht, 'To Posterity'


3654. Neil Munro, 'Lochaber No More'

3655. Edward Verrall Lucas, 'The Debt'

3656. Rise Against, 'State Of The Union'

3657. Anya Silver, 'In the Sanatorium'

3658. Ewart Mackintosh, ' The German and the Gael'

3659. John Daniel Logan, 'Brock: Valiant Leader'

3660. Andreas Morgner, 'The Album'

3661. Kurt Tucholsky, 'Prayer After The Slaughter'

3662. Bob Dylan, 'All Along The Watchtower'

3663. Rise Against, 'Kotov Syndrome'

3664. Bert Layne, 'The Forgotten Soldier Boy'

3665. Disturbed, 'Sacred Lie'

3666. Anonymous, 'Stony Broke In No Man's Land'

3667. Emma Lew, 'The True Dark Town'

3668. Elisha Porat, 'On The Way to Nabbatiya'

3669. John Le Gay Brereton, 'The Wounded 1919'

3670. Mahmoud Darwish, 'Identity Card'

3671. A.F. Moritz, 'Simile'

3672. The Wolfe Tones, 'The Guildford Four'

3673. DragonForce, 'Soldiers of the Wasteland'

3674. Sean Joyce, 'The Enemy Kept Coming and We……'

3675. Sam Collier, 'Gravity'

3676. Duane Elms, 'Dawson's Christian'

3677. Alexis Child, 'You Are Death'

3678. Disturbed, 'Conflict'

3679. Ewart Alan Mackintosh, 'Ghosts of War'

3680. Willoughby Weaving, 'Ghosts'

3681. Robinson Jeffers, 'Ghosts In England'

3682. John McCrae, 'The Anxious Dead'

3683. Michael Brett, 'The Protesting Dead'

3684. An ex-officer, 'The Last Supper'


3685. Sabaton, 'The Hammer Has Fallen'

3686. Cheryl Daytec, 'The Boys Under Indictment'

3687. Zbigniew Herbert, 'The Rain'

3688. Siegfried Sassoon, 'Wraiths'

3689. Rachida Madani, 'The Second Tale: XV'

3690. Belle Waring, 'From The Diary Of A Clinic Nurse, Poland, 1945'

3691. Leon Gellert, 'Armageddon'

3692. Amichai, 'Let the memorial hill remember'

3693. Traditional, 'Bonny Light Horseman'

3694. Michael Brett, 'Armistice Poem'

3695. Terry Kelly, 'A Pittance Of Time'

3696. Will Hopkins, 'A Poem for My Children’s Teachers'

3697. Jason Shelton, 'Iraq'

3698. Ewart Alan Mackintosh, 'From Home'

3699. Dave P. Nottingham, ' We Didn't Need A Foe'

3700. Ivor Gurney, 'The Bugle'

3701. Traditional, 'The New Deserter'

3702. Traditional, 'Rogue's March'

3703. A.P. Herbert, 'Beaucourt Revisited'

3704. Traditional, 'Song of the Canadian Voltigeurs'

3705. Vernon Scannell, 'The Great War'

3706. Berthold Brecht, 'The Survivor'

3707. Ewart Alan Mackintosh, 'Farewell'

3708. Eric Morrissey, 'Collateral'

3709. Tom Paxton, 'Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation'

3710. Tom Paxton, 'George W. Told The Nation'

3711. Rudyard Kipling, 'The Return'

3712. David Rovics, 'Best Democracy Money Can Buy'

3713. Ivor Gurney, 'Servitude'

3714. D.O.A., 'Just Say No To The WTO'

3715. Jim Page, 'Didn't We'


3716. Carl Sandburg, 'Ossawatomie'

3717. Unknown, 'The WTO Song'

3718. John Greenleaf Whittier, 'Brown of Ossawatomie'

3719. Herman Melville, 'The Portent (1859)'

3720. Siegfried Sassoon, 'Twelve Months After'

3721. Rudyard Kipling, 'Mesopotamia'

3722. Elizabeth Daryush, 'For a survivor of the Mesopotamian campaign'

3723. Abd al Wahhab Al-Bayati, 'The Book Of Poverty And Revolution'

3724. Steve Earle, 'The Gringo's Tale'

3725. Olive Lindsay, 'Despair'

3726. Clive James, 'Nimrod'

3727. Elisha Porat, 'The Lost Son'

3728. L.S. Asekoff, 'The Conquerors'

3729. Charles Chaim Wax, 'The Barbarians Were Beaten Down But Too Late'

3730. Amir Or, 'The Barbarians (Round Two)'

3731. Thomas Penrose, 'The Carousal of Odin'

3732. DragonForce, 'Fury of the Storm'

3733. Edward Thomas, 'After The War'

3734. Robert William Service, 'Dolls'

3735. Tom Paxton, 'Buy A Gun For Your Son'

3736. Street Dogs, 'Stagger'

3737. Siegfried Sassoon, 'A Remembered Queen'

3738. David J. Delaney, 'An Old Vet's Christmas'

3739. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 'The Skeleton In Armor'

3740. Robert Service, 'The Old General'

3741. John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)'

3742. Seamus Heaney, 'An Ulster Twilight'

3743. Celtic Thunder, 'Christmas 1915'

3744. Bernard O'Donoghue, 'Carolling'

3745. Thomas McGrath, 'All The Dead Soldiers'

3746. May Wedderborn Cannan, 'Since They Have Died'

3747. Ken Peters, 'Peace Comes Dropping Slow'

3748. Elisha Porat, 'The Crows Shout'

3749. William Archila, 'Self-Portrait with Crow'

3750. Tu Fu, 'Outside the City'


3751. Jimi Hendrix, 'Machine Gun'

3752. John Masefield, 'A Consecration'

3753. Julia Ecklar, 'The Dark Is Rising'

3754. John Norbury, 'Goodbye Young Soldier'

3755. Arthur Conan Doyle, 'Comrades'

3756. Thomas Ravencroft, 'We Be Soldiers Three'

3757. Yannis Ritsos, 'Miniature'

3758. Edgar Albert Guest, 'At The Peace Table'

3759. Ronnie Winters, 'Godspeed'

3760. Siegfried Sassoon, 'Song-Books of the War'

3761. Patrick Hicks, 'Sitting On The Berlin Wall'

3762. Eugene Buckley, 'Good Morning Mr. Zip-Zip-Zip'

3763. Sabaton, 'Great War'

3764. Taryn Evendim, 'Solomon's Song'

3765. Isaac Rosenberg, 'Soldier: Twentieth Century'

3766. Amon Amarth, 'The Way of Vikings'

3767. Felicia Hemans, 'The Sword of the Tomb'

3768. Sabaton, 'Twilight of the Thunder God'

3769. La Nef, 'Air du Chevaliers'

3770. Anti-Flag, '911 For Peace'

3771. Siegfried Sassoon, 'Elsewhere'

3772. George Waters, 'When The Tigers Broke Free'


Joseph I. C. Clarke, 'After the Lecture on Spion Kop'

Ludwig Uhland, 'Suabian Legend'

3775. Robert W. Service, 'The Enigma'

Michael Brett, 'Ploughing'

Arkona, 'Odna (Alone)'

Edgar Albert Guest, 'The Boy Enlists'

Robert Browning, 'Marching Along'

James Graham, 'Upon the Death of King Charles I'

Miracle of Sound, 'Pawns of War'


Edwin Muir, 'The Horses'

Leslie Fish, 'The Horse-tamer's Daughter'

Ivor Gurney, 'Of Grandcourt'

Jan Theuninck, 'Stalag Zehn B'

Leo Yankevich, 'No Flowers, No Doves'

Sir Henry Newbolt, 'Clifton Chapel'

Margaret D’Arcy, 'The Armagh Women'

David Roberts, 'The Trouble With Terrorists'

Edgar Albert Guest, 'Warriors'

Siegfried Sassoon, 'On Reading the War Diary of a Defunct Ambassador">

Traditional, 'Lovely, Brothers, Lovely'

David Byrne, 'Life During Wartime

Robert Service, 'My Hero'

Roy Zimmerman, 'To the Victims of This Tragedy'

Tudor Jenks, 'The Spirit of the Maine'

Leslie Fish, 'Firestorm'

Kojo Owusu, 'The Prophet of Wigan Pier'

Robert Graves, 'Recalling War'

3800. Tojo Suyemoto Kawakami, 'Camp Memories'

Eric Bogle, 'Singing The Spirit Home'

Sabaton, 'Fields of Verdun'

John Kent, 'Myth of Glory'

Rise Against, 'Endgame'

Brian Turner, 'A Soldier’s Arabic'

Unknown, 'And When They Ask Us'

Richard Aldington, 'Epilogue'

Wishbone Ash, 'We Stand As One'

Mortimer J. Adler, 'The Fearless'

MARCH 2020:

Namur King, 'Ode to a snowdrop during wartime'

Vladimir Vysotsky, 'He Did Not Return From Battle'

G.K. Chesterton, 'Elegy in a Country Churchyard'

Leon Gellert, 'Lemnos Revisited'

John Boyle O’Reilly, 'The Boston Massacre'

Ibukun Babarinde, 'Elegy for Jos'

Ali Eckermann, 'One Child Two Child Wailing And Wild'

Richard Outram, 'Barbed Wire'

Mark Cohen, 'The Children Draw Guns'

Ameya Deshpande, 'A Foot Soldier'

Abe Jones, 'Rosie The Riveter'

Muriel Rukeyser, 'Poem (I lived in the first century of world wars)'

Julia Drurina, 'Two Evenings'

Eugene Lee-Hamilton, 'Caesar's Ghost'

Julia Ecklar, 'Survivor's Song'

3825. Curtis D. Bennett, 'My Lai Was Once A Small Village'

Arthur Conan Doyle, 'The Irish Colonel'

Toby Keith, 'Ballad of Balad'

Charles Simic, 'What the Gypsies Told My Grandmother'

Benjamin Paloff, 'Divertimento'

Leslie Fish, 'True Story'

Cat Faber, 'No Quarter'

Thomas Hardy, 'Before Marching and After'

David Rovics, 'Cordova'

Mikhail Lermontov, 'Captive Knight'

Bjorn Ulvaeus, 'Fernando'

Alan Seeger, 'On Returning to the Front after Leave'

Pete Seeger, 'Bring Them Home'

Winifred Mary Letts, 'Casualty'

Traditional, 'Swansea Barracks'

Billy Collins, 'Statues in the Park'

APRIL 2020:

Robert Service, 'Raising The Flag'

W.S. Gilbert, 'The Major-General's Song'

Edgar Bowers, 'The Stoic'

Zbigniew Herbert, 'Why the Classics'

Siegfried Sassoon, 'News From the War-After-Next'

Brac'linn, 'As Long As There's One Hundred'

Carol Ann Duffy, 'War Photographer'

Carl Sandburg, 'Crimson Changes People'

Billy Bragg, 'Saffiyah Smiles'

3850. Clive James, 'Will Those Responsible Come Forward?'

Robinson Jeffers, 'The Bloody Sire'

Leon Gellert, 'The Cross'

Oliver Wendell Holmes, 'The Last Prophecy Of Cassandra'

Robert Service, 'Little Brother'

Garnet Rogers, 'One Bullet'

Unknown, 'Scottish Gunrunners'

The Wolfe Tones, 'The Fighting 69th'

Myrna Garanis, 'the war is on the kitchen table'

Edward Thomas, 'Tears'

Eric Bogle, 'Never Again/Remember'

Sabaton, 'Red Baron'

Tom Paxton, 'Whose Garden Was This?'

Rupert Brooke, 'Fragment'

Eric Bogle, 'Lost Soul'

Jessie Pope, 'Cobbers'

Julia Ecklar, 'Tin Soldier'

John Philip Johnson, “There Have Come Soft Rains”

Dan Taulapapa McMullin, 'The Doors of the Sea'

Sarah Teasdale, 'Dusk in War Time'

Turlough O'Carolan, 'The Fairy Hills (Si Bheag Si Mhor)'

MAY 2020:

David Rovics, 'The Union Makes Us Strong'

Leon Gellert, 'Sights'

Francis Duggan, 'Farewell My Rebel Latvian'

Neil Young, 'Ohio'

3875. Cecilia Llompart, “Do Not Speak of the Dead”

Stephen Stills, 'Daylight Again / Find The Cost Of Freedom'

Francis Ledwidge, 'A Soldier's Grave'

Kathleen Jessie Raine, 'Heroes'

Siegfried Sassoon, '878-1935'

Edgar Albert Guest, 'The Complacent Slacker'

Emily Lawless, 'Before the Battle'

Hugh Martin, 'Ways of Looking at an IED'

Robert Service, 'The Sniper'

Anonymous, 'Afghanistan'

Rowley Habib, 'The Raw Men: For the Maori Battalion'

Lolita Stewart-White, 'Civil Rights Cold Case 62'

Gwydion, 'Math of War'

Isaac Rosenberg, 'In War'

Eric Bogle, 'Romeo And Juliet In Sarajevo'

Bob and Alex Eichen, 'The 10,401st Day Of World War 17'

John Gould Fletcher, 'Why The War?'

Edmund Blunden, 'Festubert, 1916'

Henry Van Dyke, 'National Monuments'

Robert Service, 'Our Hero'

Edgar Albert Guest, 'Memorial Day'

Loureine Aber, 'The Fallen'

Anonymous Oceania, 'A Day's Ride'

RoseAnn V. Shawiak, 'Lone Soldier'

Mercedes Lackey, 'Friends'

3900. Laurence Binyon, 'The English Youth'

Elisha Porat, 'Sea Squill Bulbs'

JUNE 2020:

Dilantha Gunawardana, 'The White Flag'

Terence George Craddock, 'SS Single Shot Executioners'

Metallica, 'Battery'

Laurence Binyon, 'In Memory of George Calderon'

DragonForce, 'Dawn Over A New World'

Sharon Olds, 'The Signal'

Robert Service, 'Death's Way'

Alan G. Brydon, 'And We Ride'

Heinrich Heine, 'Two Grenadiers'

Robert Graves, 'Two Fusiliers'

Masterplan, 'Warrior's Cry'

Eric Bogle, 'The Digger's Legacy'

Vic Tyler, 'One Last Battle'

Gordon David, 'A Picture Of War?'

Edgar Albert Guest, 'The Silver Stripes'

William Archila, 'The Art of Exile'

Tawfiq Zayyad, 'On The Trunk Of An Olive Tree'

Stanley Holloway, 'Sam Small'

Nikolai Nekrasov , 'The Capitals Are Rocked with Thunder'

Walt Whitman, 'Bivouac On A Mountain Side'

Loureine Aber, 'The Soldier to Helen'

Sean Joyce, 'Ghosts'

Sarah Anne Curzon, 'Visit of the Prince of Wales to Laura Secord'

3925. Abe Jones, 'And They Were There, Too'

Donald A. Chase, 'Unwanted Memories'

Unknown, 'Ghost Army of Korea'

John William Streets, 'A Nocturne'

Brian Warfield, 'The Connaught Rangers'

Mary Gilmore, 'No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest'

John E. Stewart, 'On Revisiting the Somme'

JULY 2020:

Unknown, 'First Of July Morn'

Curtis D. Bennett, 'Rest In Peace'

Leo Yankevich, 'The July Sun Over Lebanon'

Theodosia Garrison, 'The Stars And Stripes'

Baker Brownell, 'Departure'

Mukoma Wa Ngugi, 'No Ordinary Things'

Edgar Albert Guest, 'The Gold Star'

Robert Service, 'The Home-Coming'

Arthur Conan Doyle, 'Sir Nigel's Song'

John Gillespie McGee, 'Per Ardua'

Natalie Clyne, 'The Heart Of The Battlefield'

George Tartaros, 'Glory Of Decay'

Philip Johnstone, 'High Wood'

Cuthbert Clarke, 'Orange Peel'

Tom Lehrer, 'The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be'

Robert Service, 'White-Collar Spaniard'

Tawfiq Zayyad, 'Here We Will Stay'

Tom Paxton, 'Be A Sport, Afghanistan'

3950. Eric Bogle, 'The Green Fields Of France'

Robert Lowell, 'Identification In Belfast'

Terence George Craddock, 'Waffen-SS Blood Tattoos'

Robert Graves, 'Sergeant-Major Money'

Charles Simic, 'Paradise Motel'

Robert Service, 'Politeness'

Rita Connolly, 'Amiens'

H.D., 'Loss'

Bertolt Brecht, 'When evil-doing comes like falling rain'

Ewart Mackintosh, 'Recruiting'

Anti-Flag, 'Die For Your Government'

Ima Ryma, 'Disposable Veterans'

AUGUST 2020:

Phillip Larkin, 'MCMXIV'

Julia Eclar, 'Temper of Revenge'

Laurence Binyon, 'Orphans Of Flanders'

C.J. Christiansen, 'The Shire of Druim Doinneann'

R.C. Mukhopadhyaya, 'The Poetry Of The Earth Is Never Dead'

Ian Campbell, 'The Sun Is Burning'

Siegfried Sassoon, 'A Post-Mortem'

Robert Service, 'Finality'

Lex Newman, 'Atomic Insanity Bomb'

Carl Sandburg, 'Long Guns'

Dumbfoundead, 'Son Of A Gun'

David Rovics, 'Today In Charlottesville'

Baker Brownell. 'Freebourne’s Rifle'

3975. The LAs, 'Son Of A Gun'

Peter Gabriel, 'The Boy In The Bubble'

Edgar Albert Guest, 'The Change'

Dead Or Alive, 'Son Of A Gun'

Siegfried Sassoon, 'The Fathers'

Roy Zimmerman, 'Chickenhawk'

Leon Gellert, 'Poppies'

Prophets of Rage, 'Pop Goes The Weapon'

Siegfried Sassoon, 'Repression of War Experience'

Gilbert Keith Chesterton, 'The Wife of Flanders'

Eric Bogle, 'Dedication Day'

Allen McCall, 'Follow Me Up To Carlow'

Leon Gellert, 'The Brothers'

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 'The Slave's Dream'

Carl Sandburg, 'Man, the Man-Hunter'

Robert Southey, 'Poems On The Slave Trade - Sonnet I'

William Cowper, 'Slavery'

Mercedes Lackey, 'Shin'a'in Warsong'


Rudyard Kipling, 'Epitaphs Of The Great War'

Hilaire Belloc, 'Sedan'

Marilyn Hacker, 'Pantoum in Wartime'

Robert Service, 'Air Mother'

Carol Ann Duffy, 'The Ex-Ministers'

Edward Thomas, 'The Sun Used To Shine'

Traditional, 'The Swiss'

Aleksandr Blok, 'On the Field of Kulicovo'

Table of Contents IX: poetry posts 4001-4500
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