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War Poetry

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Poems Inspired By War & Conflict
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Poetry and song lyrics about war, from many cultures and viewpoints.
"We're not pro-war; we're not necessarily anti-war either. We're just here to try and understand a little bit about the impact it has on peoples' lives, and why it inspires such powerful expressions of creativity."

Posting Guidelines

Members are welcome and encouraged to post poems and song lyrics related to war or conflict from any era. Historical links are appreciated.

Please cite the poet's name if known, so it can be listed with the title in the Table of Contents.

Please use Livejournal's default font, and only <lj-cut> posts longer than 80 lines, or containing multiple images or embedded videos.

A warning and cut for particularly graphic imagery or foul language is appreciated.

This community is not a platform for anyone's political agenda.

Please post no more than twice a day.

Poems are filed in Memories by Poet (or Anonymous) and by Conflict (or Unspecified.) You can also search for poets by name in the tags. Posts with videos are listed under the tag 'a music video'.

Table of Contents I: poetry posts 1-500

Table of Contents II: poetry posts 501-1000

Table of Contents III: poetry posts 1001-1500

Table of Contents IV: poetry posts 1501-2000

Table of Contents V: poetry posts 2001-2500

Table of Contents VI: poetry posts 2501-3000

Table of Contents VII: poetry posts 3001-3500

Table of Contents VIII: poetry posts 3501-4000

Social capital

  • 602

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